Recipe {here}. This was pretty good.  It calls for 2 cups of cheddar and 1 cup of Monterey jack cheese.  I just bought a back of cheddar jack from Kraft.  The bag only has 2 cups of cheese in it, and I thought the dip was really cheesy.  I can’t imagine putting 3 cups of cheese in it.  Once I got it all mixed I put it in a pie pan and it filled the whole thing.  Also, I think next time I would just skip the chipoltle peppers altogether.  The 2 tablespoons of them gives the dip a BIG kick.  I like spicy stuff, but I don’t like to feel like my mouth is on fire.  That’s just me though. I cup up a loaf of chibatta (instead of chips) and served the dip with guacamole. My mom made Gorgonzola Bread.

Recipe {here}. This was DELICIOUS!  I ate a ton of it.  I would most definitely make it again.  In fact, I might have it again this weekend.  Haha. Lastly,  I made Pecan Pie Bars.

Recipe {here}. These are pretty tasty.  I don’t know that I would call them Pecan Pie Bars.  My favorite thing about pecan pie is the filling, and that’s missing here.  What you have is basically a caramel with pecans on top of a crust.  It is really good, don’t get me wrong.   I just think the name is a little misleading.  The edges do get really hard after it cools.  Like a pecan brittle.  But the middle was still soft, so that was really nice.  I also doubled the filling recipe.  I tend to do this with most recipes, because I’m a filling kind of girl.  The crust is just there to hold all my filling. All in all it’s been a pretty delicious week.  Try a Pinterest recipe this weekend. You know you want to. P.S. None of this pictures are mine.  I didn’t take any pictures.  Lame, I know.  But when you have deliciousness in front of you, sometimes it is hard to remember to take a picture.

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