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  1. summerscraps says

    These are so adorable! My daughte would love me forever if I made her these – too bad I haven’t yet learned how to crochet. So cute – oh and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Susie says

    Made the Elsa hat as a gift for an 8 year old’s bday present- the party was a Frozen theme! Making the Anna hat tonight for my daughter- so cute, thanks for the patterns!

  3. Lori Bennett Kramer says

    Thanks so much for the pattern! My 3 year old granddaughter told me she wanted Elsa hair this morning and I had it finished for her by lunchtime. She loves her Elsa hair and runs around the house singing “Let it go”!

    • Amber Simmons says

      There is not a downloadable version at this time. The pattern is just in the post itself.

  4. Natalie says

    I love these! Your pattern helped me figure out how to attach the hair. Just so let you know, someone is using your photos to sell hats on ETSY. They of course cropped out your logo. 🙁 I sent you a message on Ravelry with the shop information so you can report it.

  5. Jennifer Juarez says

    What colors and brand yarn did you use? I love it and want to make it just like yours for my daughter.

  6. Lisa says

    I am having a difficult time with the braid on the Elsa hat. Any tips that you can share would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Amber Simmons says

      It was easiest for me to braid all the braids while the hat was being worn. However, if you don’t have someone with a head that size handy, you can have someone use their hands to fill out that hat while you braid.

    • soyamado says

      These are adorable BUT with Elsa hat hair – when sweeping it to the side, you lose length so end up with very uneven hairs to braid! I used the 48 inch length but would recomend adding a bit more to compensate and just cut even once braided.

      • Amber Simmons says

        You do lose some length when evening up the braid, but it is still rather long. Although it never hurts to cut the yarn a little longer to begin with.

  7. Jeannine Zymaris says

    I am trying to make your pattern…which I love btw…but I think it’s going to take me more than 12 rows…is it because the yarn I’m using or did I do something wrong??

  8. Lyd says

    I was just asked by a friend to make an Elsa hat/wig for her little girl, (she is 2.5) What is the gauge and sizing for these hats? And what brand of yarn and which colors did you use?

    • Amber Simmons says

      I would say that a 2.5 year old would be the toddler size, but it really depends on the child’s head size. I made the toddler size for this post and gave them to a 2 year old.

      I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn for both hats. For the Anna hat I used dark raspberry and I believe the trim was hot rose. For the hair I used terra-cotta with a cream streak. For Elsa I think I used glacier with peacock.

      I hope that helps.

  9. Rachel says

    Hi! Question. I made the Elsa hat last week, and it has 10 rounds. When I logged back in to make the Anna hat it seems that the rounds and stitch counts have changed. Also, why would the toddler size have a larger stitch count then the child size? Can you look into it? Thanks!!

    • Amber Simmons says

      Ooops! Thanks for catching my mistake. I was trying to rewrite the pattern to make it easier to read and I forgot to delete some rows from the toddler pattern and change the numbers on all of the patterns. Good eye!

      • Rachel says

        Thank you for confirming that I was NOT going insane lol. Could you let me know when it’s completed? Thanks so much!! I would love to send you a picture of the Elsa hat that’s almost complete (just waiting on some sparkles for the braid!)

  10. susan says

    Hi I was wondering what the circumference on the finished hats was so i could appropriately guestimate what i need to make for my daughters. Thanks

    • Amber Simmons says

      The toddler size is approximately 18 inches. I don’t have a hat on hand to measure. I just measured my son’s head which I used for sizing when creating the pattern.

      • Donna says

        Making these for friends for Christmas. Heads measure 19 and 21 inches, should I use toddler or child size. They are so cute thanks for the pattern.

    • Amber Simmons says

      Magic ring is a way to start crochet in the round that will leave almost no hole at the top. There are some good video tutorials on youtube.

  11. heatherdriveblog says

    Do you have any photos of what these look like on? I’m having a hard time picturing how the hair would look with it going all of the way around like that.

    • Amber Simmons says

      I don’t have any pictures of the hats on, but the hair is basically all gathered around and braided over the front of the left shoulder for the elsa hat. You can check out the projects page on ravelry to see what others have done.

  12. Lynn Dwyer says

    Thank you so much for the free patterns. My grandaughter has fallen in love with Frozen and will love this… Thanks again for your kindness!

  13. Barbara Rzepka says

    What are the finished dimensions for the toddler and child sizes? I can’t wait to start both of them for my 2 granddaughters. One is 5 years old and the other 1.5 years. Thanks for posting this adorable pattern.

  14. Cheryl says

    Thank you so much for sharing these patterns!! I have a friend that is going to be Elsa for Halloween and her daughter Anna and I really wanted to make them the hats!!

  15. Cheryl says

    I do have a quick question for you. I started making the adult hat last night and the 11 rounds for the hat do not seem to be enough. Am I doing something wrong? I’m using the I Love This Yarn yarn you said you used and wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I completely missed! Thanks =)

  16. Rebecca says

    We’re making a toddler size Elsa hat and a child size Anna hat… How many skeins of each yarn do you recommend for each hat in those sizes?

      • Melody says

        Thanks so much for that info! I’m in Finland and I’m going to get a family member in USA to shop for the yarn at Hobby Lobby and send it to me because they do not ship internationally. I was wondering how much yarn I’d need. I’m going to make an Adult and a Child size of both hats. Does that mean I’d just need one skein of all the colours? That’s how I interpreted your post.

        • Amber Simmons says

          Yes, you only need 1 skein of each color. However you may want 2 skeins of the white for Elsa’s hair. One will probably work, but I would order 2 just to be safe.

    • Amber Simmons says

      This pattern does only have 11 rows. You can add more if you need to, but using a J hook and double crochet stitch creates tall rows.

  17. tammy says

    Hi Do you have any pictures of the girls wearing the hats. Just would like to see how they look before I start to make them. Thanks for the pattern!’

    • Amber Simmons says

      I would, but it would also depend on your crochet gauge and the size of the child’s head. I’ve been told that the child size is too big for some 5-year-olds but I made the toddler size for a 2-year-old and it fit perfectly.

  18. Sha alb says

    Thanks so much for your pattern. I made the Anna hat with pink and yellow hair as that is what I had. I purchased blue and white though not the hobby lobby brand. The granddaughters love them. Now to make 2 more elsa hats. The magic ring is a great help. Thanx for sharing your pattern.

  19. jenn says

    Thank you SOOO much for sharing (and for free) your wonderful pattern! my girls are going as Elsa and Anna for Halloween and this solves the dilema of both keeping them warm here in Canada and not having to buy two $16 wigs for one night.
    I am just having a hard time understanding the braid instructions for the Anna hat in toddler size. I know I need to cut 96 strands, but how many of them should be white? It sounds like 6, but in the picture it looks more like 10 or so…Thank so much.

    • Amber Simmons says

      I’m glad you like the pattern. There are only 6 strands of white in the toddler Anna hat. When you do the braid the white will be at the front of the middle segment and you just braid it carefully so that the white stays on top of the red to show through.

  20. Amanda says

    I just started to crochet and made my first newborn beanie, this might be a little more advanced but I’m itching to head to hobby lobby! Thank you so much for the inspiration! And the patterns your a truly helping me make some happy faces come christmas! Bless you!

  21. Ness says

    I loooove this pattern! I was wondering if I could sell this to friends (posting the picture on my personal Facebook) and at craft fairs. I didn’t see anything on here that said we couldn’t but I wanted to check with you first!

    • Ness says

      The picture would be of the one I make. I see someone posted your pic was being used on etsy. Anything posted on my fb would be my own work.

    • Amber Simmons says

      You can totally sell your creations. I just ask that you do indeed use your own images and site me as the pattern designer. Thanks. Happy crocheting.

    • Amber Simmons says

      One skein of each color will make 2-3 hats. The only exception is the Elsa hair. Depending on how many Elsa hats you are making you might need multiple skeins. One skein will definitely do one Elsa hat with some left over.

  22. Teresa Peterson says

    These are so cute! Thank you for sharing. I have two great-nieces that LOVE Frozen, so I’m headed to Hobby Lobby to buy some yard 🙂

  23. Kimberly says

    Such cute patterns. But I am to the last row of the toddler pattern using correct yarn and hook and it will not fit in any way. Making it for an 18month old. It looks like a Jewish beanie cap thingee. Please can you give measurements. And how far down on their head should the last row be? I am going to have to start all over 🙁

    • Amber Simmons says

      I did not find this to be an issue, but depending on how tightly you braided the hair I can see this happening.

    • Amber Simmons says

      It means double crochet in the first stitch, 2 double crochet in the next stitch. The * mean that you would repeat what is between them. So dc, 2 dc, dc, 2 dc, etc.

  24. Judyv says

    Thank you so much for the pattern and making it free! I’m making the Elsa hat for a little friend who is fighting neuroblastoma. She’s bald from chemo and loves Frozen. I can’t wait to give it to her.

    The ivory yarn has kinks in it from being in the skein. What’s the best way to straighten the yarn, (I was thinking of wetting it and letting it hang to dry over night) or can I braid it as is? Yours appear smooth and straight in the picture.

    • Amber Simmons says

      That is so nice of you Judy. I think wetting it would work. I didn’t do that to mine. I just braided it together kinks and all. You can always try that and if it doesn’t look right then get it wet and let it lay out to dry.

    • Amber Simmons says

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have had a lot of issues with people doing this lately so I have added the words “Free Pattern” right in the middle of the images. Hopefully that will stop people from using my photos. I will be contacting them ASAP to stop using my photos. Thanks again.

  25. Sophie Pyles says

    When you say to double the length of the yarn so you can fold it in half, did you use 2 feet for Ana and 4 feet for Elsa or did you do 4 feet for Ana and 8 feet for Elsa

    • Amber Simmons says

      I used about 2 feet for Anna & 4 feet for Elsa. I folded them in half and braided them. Anna’s braids are about 1 foot long and Elsa’s is about 2 feet long.

  26. Josephine Hollett says

    Hi Amber,
    Thanks you so much for the patterns ,,I love those hats,,but I saw the hat with the names on them ,,Wondering how you did it,What yarn did you use ,,

    • Amber Simmons says

      I haven’t made any with names on them, but it would be easy enough to do. I would just hand stitch them on with a yarn needle.

  27. Kristina says

    Hi. Thank you sooo much for the idea. I have knitted the hat (I am a better knitter than a crocheter) and added Elsa’s hair. I will be making the Anna inspired hat straight away 🙂

    • Amber Simmons says

      I bet they look great knit! I would love to see them. If you share on social media please tag me or use #myrickabamboo.

  28. Patricia Graham says

    I work for Ben Franklin in Monroe WA and would like permission to use the hat I made as a display with a sign showing the website the pattern was obtained. please email me back.

    • Amber Simmons says

      You are more than welcome to use it as a display. Thank you for including info on where to find the pattern.

  29. Sharon White says

    I am excited to find a free pattern for Frozen girls. I will be making these for cancer kids! Anxious to get started!


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